Product Description

Ultra Prime is a grey board, water based pigmented acrylic primer. It is specially formulated, comprising of alkali resistant co-polymer acrylic binder, titanium dioxide pigment, inert quality mineral extenders, proprietary additives and a premium fungicide.


Ultra Prime Fire Retardant

Ultra Prime Fire Retardant is designed to enhance the safety and durability of your construction projects. Its uses include:

Fire Protection for Structures

Apply Ultra Prime to critical areas where fire resistance is paramount. It's ideal for use in residential and commercial buildings, particularly around fireplaces, to prevent the spread of flames.

Primer for Wall Cladding Systems

As a grey board water-based acrylic primer, it serves as an excellent preparatory coating for wall cladding systems, ensuring strong adhesion and longevity of the wall coverings.

Safety in High-Risk Areas

Use Ultra Prime in spaces that require extra protection from fire hazards, such as kitchens, laboratories, and workshops.

Renovation and Restoration Projects

It's suitable for applying to older buildings being brought up to current fire safety standards, providing an additional layer of protection without compromising the building's integrity.

Decorative Purposes

Beyond safety, Ultra Prime can be used to prepare surfaces for decorative finishes, ensuring that aesthetics do not come at the expense of safety.

Each application ensures easy application, safe cleanup, and excellent durability, making Ultra Prime a versatile choice for a variety of fire retardant needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy To Apply
  • Water Based
  • Easy & Safe Cleanup
  • Excellent Durability
  • Strong Adhesion