Clear Sealer

Product Description

Ultraflex Clear is a new water based clear that has been formulated to protect and extend the life of digital prints. It is a water white clear that will impart mar and scratch resistance, water resistance and some chemical resistance. It is nonyellowing and contains UV absorbers to improve the outdoor durability of the print. Ultraflex Clear has been formulated to have excellent adhesion to most ink systems including true solvent, eco solvent and UV cured systems without the need for a primer. It is only suitable for non-water sensitive substrates and inks.


Ultratex Clear Sealer (matte, gloss, satin) Water Based is principally used for over-coating Coarse. Two tone Ultratex Clear Sealer (matte, gloss, satin) Membrane finishes can also be over coated. The product has also been widely used over brick & stonework as a protective clear coating.

Features and Benefits

  • 7-year warranty
  • Water based
  • Resists harsh environment
  • Binds aggregate surfaces
  • Guaranteed long term durability.
  • Easy, safe and economical clean-up.
  • Protects against dirt pick-up, pollution & chemical attack. Enhances natural colours & binds loose aggregate.