Efflorescent Elimination

Product Description

Efflorescence is a white, crystalline powder that has an irritating tendency to show up on new brick and block masonry. It’s irritating because it’s new masonry that architects and owners look at most closely. You can brush most of it away. It disappears when wet. But efflorescence will keep coming back until you do something about the conditions that create it.


Efflorescent elimination is applied on the alkaline substrate. Soilings are to be removed prior to applying the product. The substrate must be dry, solid and free from dust and grease. The efficiency and penetration depth of Efflorescent elimination are the better, the drier the ground. Water spots or individual moist spots on the concrete surface lead to an uneven impregnation. Water or rain must not get in contact with the emulsion until VARIPHOB® TOP 1 has been completely absorbed by the substrate. Freshly treated surfaces must be protected from water impact. If Efflorescent elimination is used in combination with insulating materials, the stability of the insulating material to Efflorescent elimination must be tested. A direct contact with bitumen must be avoided at any rate.

Features and Benefits

  • Efflorescent elimination is applied as water repellent additive on absorbent substrates.
  • Efflorescent elimination has an excellent penetration capacity and quickly leads to a hydrophobic character on alkaline grounds.
  • Efflorescent elimination strongly reduces the capillary absorbing power of the treated surface but does not clog the pores.
  • Moreover, Efflorescent elimination reduces the salt absorption of the treated substrate.
  • Efflorescent elimination has a high protective effect against the alternating impact of frost / deicing salt.