Elastomeric Coating

Product Description

Ultratex Elastomeric coating is a thick and flexible exterior wall or roof coating that aids in waterproofing of a structure. It is suitable to use on various surfaces, including concrete and masonry. It is applied in a liquid form and bonds to the structure as it dries and hardens. The Elastomeric coating allows for the structure to flex, bend, and move with the structure underneath, protecting it from damage. It can be tinted to any colour, retaining the colour long-term. It is an extremely weather resistant, highly flexible, water-based acrylic coating that can be applied by nap roller.


All surfaces must be cured, clean, sound and free of all contaminants such as form oils, release agents and mortar splashes. Surface imperfections, misalignments and protrusions must be levelled and patched and completely flush to surrounding surfaces. Metal, tie wire, etc. on surface must be removed or treated against corrosion. Prime substrate with Ultratex Prime. Ensure that it is cured completely and covers the substrate evenly. Patch with Ultratex texture after priming.

Features and Benefits

  • Nap Roller - 12mm Roller nap.
  • Product should be thoroughly mixed before use.
  • Nap Roller Finish: Apply using 12-18mm Nap roller at 4 m2 /l
  • Smooth Finish: When cutting in edges, brush and roll at the same time to avoid differences in gloss level. Application on single areas should be completed uninterrupted.
  • Clean up all equipment with water.