Low sheen Acrylic internal & external

Product Description

A 100% acrylic water thinned paint that dries to a matt finish and is available in white, pastel and deep accent tones. Superior exterior durability–decorates and protects the surface from extreme weather conditions.


This product has excellent opacity using the lightest fast pigments for exterior use. Suitable on a variety of substrates such as brick, cement render, masonry, plasterboard, metal and timber. Use on all exterior surfaces in the home and on display and feature sign work when a matt finish is required. It may also be used on all interior surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Timber – No primer is necessary unless the timber is tannin rich in which case apply Acrylic Wood Primer. Sand and dust down all bare timber and fill holes prior to painting.
  • Galvanised Iron and Aluminum – Remove oil and grease with mineral turpentine. Apply acrylic metal primer
  • Iron and steel – Remove oil, grease and rust. Treat remaining rust with a rust converter then apply acrylic metal primer.
  • Brick and Masonry – Remove all loose and powdery material with a stiff brush and wash down. No primer required.
  • Previously painted – Scrape off all loose and flaking paint and sand glossy surfaces. Wash down with sugar soap. Spot prime metal with appropriate primer. When using deep tone colours such as Process Yellow and Vip Red apply a white or light grey undercoat first. This will ensure true colour and help coverage.