Render Remover

Product Description

ULTRA Render Remover can solve the major problems associated with cleaning hard set cement, render mortar, and more. ULTRA Render Remover is a cleaning compound designed specifically to remove dry mud build-up and stains from a variety of substrates with a safe approach. The chemical reaction does the work for you - even your equipment comes out clean. Works on - Aluminium frames/windows, Glass, Colourbond, Machinery, Hand Tools, Concrete, Brickwork, and much more. Can be used to remove - Cured Cement, Concrete, and more The easiest solution to removing Hard-set cement.


Render remover can be used on all washable surfaces. Car and Boat Cleans dashboards, consoles, vinyl seats and roofs, door panels, windscreens, tyres, bumpers, chrome and paintwork. Use as an engine degreaser and a spot remover on fabric seats and carpets. Cleans grimy hands. Household Cleans floors, tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, enamelled surfaces, refrigerators, laminates, bench tops, venetians, vinyl furniture, windows, mirrors, toys, luggage, handbags, tools, sporting gear, paint brushes, barbeques, shoes and much more. Use as a spot remover on carpets

Features and Benefits

  • Just spray Render remover onto the surface, allow to penetrate then wipe away with a damp cloth. Polish with a dry cloth. Render remover is concentrated and can be diluted with water for lightly soiled surfaces.