Texture Paint Remover

Product Description

Ultratex Paint remover is a liquid paint remover developed to remove most paint and primers including acrylic paints, adhesives and a variety of other coatings from many types of substrates including masonry and plastics.


ULTRATEX paint remover is a fast, easy and safe way to remove oil-based paints, varnishes, enamels, plastic coatings, lacquers, stove finishes, polyurethanes, synthetic finishes, and emulsions paints, among many others. It is safe to use on metal, plaster, stone, wood, and concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Water: remove from surface by washing with detergent water.
  • Fire: non-flammable. However, keep away from open flames and red hot surfaces.
  • Biological: not susceptible to biological or fungal attack.
  • Thermal: should not be stored or used at temperatures above 25°C or below 5°C.
  • Durability/reliability: must be closed securely following each use to prevent degradation and maintain performance of product.