Venetian plaster – decorative tints

Product Description

VENETIAN PLASTER -decorative tints - contains real marble dust which adds to the beauty of the finish. Traditional Venetian plaster is made of lime or gypsum and applied over laths, which are horizontal strips of wood, fastened to the joists and studs of a wall. Venetian Polish becomes fully washable three weeks after application. It is non-toxic. You control the sheen level of the finish by the amount of sanding and burnishing done on the finish plaster coat. Various looks are possible with the Venetian Plaster system, such as polished marble, stone, or suede. The more the surface is polished the more translucent the finish becomes; this translucency creates the depth seen in real marble. The finish is so smooth it feels like genuine marble. In fact, Venetian Plaster was formulated to imitate a complicated ‘Old World’ Italian technique called “Scagliola”.


Surface preparation The application on lime supports is recommended, but it can also be applied on plaster or by-products, old hydro paints, only if strong and well-fixed, after the application of a coat of primer.

Features and Benefits

  • Long-seasoning slaked lime
  • High-selected calcareous filler
  • Non-toxic additives