Fast Set Render

Product Description

By itself, Fast set render already contributes to characteristics of fast hardening in few hours and high resistance to the abrasion, even to the mechanical shock. The important heat of hydration released during the first hours turns to Fast set render into a recommended very cold climate cement. Fast set render does not release calcium hydroxide during their hydration and, therefore, it has excellent resistance to the chemical and bacteriological attacks, even when both act simultaneously. Fast set render is a hydraulic binder with versatile properties used in the building chemistry. For example, in appropriate combination with Portland cement, extremely fast setting and hardening is obtained. In ternary mixtures, Fast set render -Portland-calcium sulphate regulates voluntarily the rapidity of the drying time and the dimensional control, as much regarding to retraction as to expansion. Fast set render also is a highly refractory cement (1.300ºC).


That harden rapidly, even in cold weather. That are resistant to the attack of sulphates and certain acids (pH 4). Quimical/bacteriological resistance. That are resistant to abrasion and the mechanical impact. Productsmade forthe constructionchemistry industry that are characterized by rapid setting and hardening (water leak sealers, adhesives, repair mortars,grouts,self-levelers,etc.)andbyrapid hardeninganddryingwithdimensionalcontrol (self-levelers, grouts, etc.). That are refractory, refractory-insulators and even resistant to the thermalshock.

Features and Benefits

  • Availableinbagsof 25kg
  • Thebagsshouldbestoredindryandventilatedplaces.
  • Bulk storage should take place in sealed silos