Product Description

Self-Leveller is an eco-friendly, cost effective building solution that offers our customers a selfcompacting, self-levelling, flowing product which can be placed at up to 10 times faster than a traditional screed, generating significant labour and time cost-savings.


•Repair dry areas of structurally sound concrete subfloors
• Used as a subfloor underlayment prior to installation of carpet, tiles or other floor covering systems.
• Not suitable for use in permanently wet areas of immersion.
• Ideal for fixing thick and thin bed adhesives.
• Apply to concrete, terrazzo and ceramic tiles from feather edge to 50mm

Features and Benefits

  • Pump or hand pour Self-Leveller on to the primed surface. Move it into approximate position with an underlayment spreader, and allow the material to seek its own level.
  • Place Self-Leveller soon after mixing. It will achieve initial set in approximately 2 hours, and may be walked on in approximately 2 - 3 hours.
  • Self-Leveller must cure at least 4 hours before tiling; at least 16 – 24 hours before carpeting and at least 24 – 36 hours before laying vinyl. Although Self-Leveller can be used externally, it is important to protect the product during placement and whilst curing from direct sunlight and winds. This is to prevent flash set / cure and desiccation (excessive moisture loss). This is particularly important when laying thicknesses in excess of 10mm.