Product Description

Patch Coarse is an acrylic co-polymer based compound supplied in a paste form suitable for application by trowel.It is supplied in a water dispersed paste and exhibits minimal shrinkage on drying and good adhesion to clean masonry substrates.


Patch is a major component of the Ultratex Wall coating system for the Fiber cement sheet/Harditex sheeting and all relevant substrate preparations. The product is used for the flushing of joints with the addition of clean 5-10% Portland cement on Fiber Cement Sheeting’s incorporating an alkaline resistant mesh and thereafter as an entire skim coat over the sheeting when the joints have dried. It acts as base coat for subsequent texture coat. Patch should be top coated with a selected Texture coating system.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy To Apply
  • Water Based
  • Easy & Safe Cleanup
  • Excellent Durability
  • Strong Adhesion