Product Description

ULTRABOND is a water-based adhesive designed as an admixture for cement toppings, concrete and plaster where improved adhesion and thin film cure can be expected. ULTRABOND can be used as a bonding agent for toppings, rendering, patching and tiling. It is also suitable for use as an adhesive for carpentry and craft work.


Ensure adhesive is homogenous before use. Shake well before use. Application from plastic, stainless steel, or chrome-plated containers is recommended.

Features and Benefits

  • Dilute 1part ULTRABOND / 4 parts water
  • Apply 1 coat and allow to dry.
  • Apply bonding coat of ULTRABOND (4 parts PVA 48 / 1 part water).
  • While bonding coat is still tacky carry out Topping or Patching.
  • Topping mix should be mixed with 1 part PVA 48 / 10 parts water.