Product Description

Ultra-SPRAY ON TEX Texture is a pre-mixed acrylic based medium profile granular coating supplied in range of tint able bases as well as pre-coloured form. This premium exterior grade product consists of premium water based acrylic emulsion, high grade pigments, fillers, sand, marble and powerful fungicide/ anti-mildew agent. It is available in two Grades; “Fine & Coarse”.


Ultra-SPRAY TEX “Fine & Coarse”. is a durable sand/marble-based texture coating, ideal for providing an attractive finish coating on correctly prepared exterior & interior wall surfaces of domestic & commercial buildings? Generally, it is formulated for fast spray application to masonry surfaces, granular appearance high build protective coating, displaying excellent resistance to weathering and excellent exterior durability. It requires to being top coated with Ultratex Membrane for total exterior durability and performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong adhesion, Resistance to Mold and Algae
  • Excellent flexibility, crack resistance and has good vapour permeability, tint-able to extensive colour range, Easy to apply, Water based
  • Cement Render surfaces
  • Rendered ACC and Fire cement Sheeting
  • Rendered Polystyrene Panels(EPS)
  • Rendered Clay and Concrete Brickwork & Block
  • Other primed exterior surfaces